We are leading branding and marketing company in India that has been a part of many successful and innovative branding ideas. Apart from branding, we have completed mobile app development project for iOS and Android platforms.

For native app or web app, Dashweblab has a team of experienced designers, developers and strategist who give their best in their respective domain of app development. From accepting the client’s project to the completion of it, the app development procedure pass through meticulously and functionally created development stages. So we complete project with utmost care under the assistance of IT professionals.


As we get the green signal from the client, our business analyst go through the project details. S/he then evaluates the project details along with our developers, designers, and of course the client. All the functional and technical architecture has been laid out by taking every aspect into consideration. And the project is passed to the 2nd stage.


We understand there is a slim chance of success unless there is solid documentation of the project. Before coding starts, we lay our acceptable tactical plan and organize a foolproof plan. We make clear cut paperwork to keep everybody on the same page. After organizing all the documents and process we move forward to the next stage of the strategy.


All the planning and organizing related decision has been made at this stage. The work now passed to our experienced designers. Our designers and developers now understand the flow of the mobile application and design user flow through your app. Then our designers create wireframe and clickable prototype of your application to have the best UI and UX for your mobile application.


Finally, our developers come into the picture and start their work on the coding of the application. Everybody’s role is divided and the scrum board is created. We use the latest tools and technologies to build your native mobile application or a web application. The code passes through certain phases but the app is not tested. At this stage, we only develop a core functionality of the application. It can only function at this stage and a lot of bugs.


Once the basic functionality and features have been included, we work on a advances functionality of the app. We make sure that the app we develop has the needed features to stand out from your competitors. This is the beta phase and we incorporate major features and functions. All the major bugs are filtered at this stage and the app is passed down to the experienced tester.


We understand that no matter your app appears failproof and ready for the user, there are still some bugs remains. So our quality analyst performs various type of tests to ensure bug-free and fast performing the mobile application. Our tester checks whether the features are working exactly the way they are needed to. Apart from that, we make sure that your app is compatible with all device sizes.

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