Ensuring App Security

Well-performing apps are equipped with invulnerable security. We have years of experience in creating secure apps with encryption and a steep authentication mechanism.

Indestructible App for safe business

We rapidly try to elevate our security measures for any app development project. We have curated a process on how we do that.


Though most of the smartphone comes with an inbuilt authentication mechanism like face scanners and fingerprint sensors. We add an extra layer to it by adding biometric authentication. We use Fingerprint API for Android and local authentication framework for iOS.

Data encryption

We advocate ideal security measures for your app. We make this possible by employing effective cryptographic mechanisms through following NIST guidelines.

Data storage

We understand that it is in the best practice not to store sensitive data at the clients’ side. However if any important things like passwords should be stored on a local device, we utilize a database called Realm which provides transparent encryption and decryption.


We don’t miss to include TLS/SSL CA certificates with properly configurated chains or attach them or pin them to SSL. An even greater level of protection can be achieved if sensitive data is additionally encrypted before sending it through TLS.

Experienced in building functional
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