Real-Time Features

Today apps prefer to have a realtime feature that gives the audience a live experience of what they do. For Example, Twitter updates its counter on a real-time basis. Instagram too allows live video streaming. So, we will help you make real-time features for your app.

From fancy to must-have

These features have become imperative in modern web and mobile apps. We will make sure to perfectly craft you one as per your need.

Live content

Any mobile app with a news feed should have a live content delivery. We make sure your content stream continues with relevant content.

Real-time feed

Real-time Activity stream is vital for a second-screen experience, live commentaries, and statistics. By providing content constantly, we can see an immediate response for the content and from where the viewers are coming from.


Retention of users is imperative if you want your app to be successful. This can be done by sending them a push notification when their choice of content is available.


We create real-time solutions that facilitate multiple users to collaborate on text, chats, annotations, pictures, and other content in your app.

IoT device control

We employ Protocol-independent tools rendered by PubNUb (Datastream networks and APIs) to create mobile and web for controlling and monitoring IoT devices in a real-time

Experienced in building functional
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