Integrating In-App

Whether it’s a paying for a ride you booked, goods you have ordered, or food order you have placed, online payments become prevalent these days. Your apps Should also have this functionality. Know what we have mastered in In-app payment features.

Enabling payments – making money

Depending on the nature and business model of your app, it can be equipped with different
payment options. Here’s how you can enable transactions in your web or mobile app.

Payment gateway

Myriads of payment gateways allow your users to pay through credit card and we make sure it by integrating APIs for it. We install APIs of Global level payment options like PayPal, Braintree, Paytm, and Visa checkout for a straightforward and convenient payment process.?

In-app purchases

Whether it is your subscription-based services, virtual goods or premium content, we create a seamless in-app purchase gateway for your app users. These payments are done through the Play Store or App Store, so we aid you in configuring in-app purchases in your app.

Wallet service

Payment procedures have become faster in the modern era. We integrate Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay in the app that needs in-app wallet money transfer.


The point of sale system allows easy money transfer between merchants and customers. We integrate the pos system solution with your mobile app.

Experienced in building functional
blocks for modern digital products

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