Messaging Functionality

Collaboration tools are now being used more than ever in big enterprises and for personal use. We not only build real-time apps like Google Doc and Trello, but we also add voice and video call also so that and effective communication could be done.

Enabling Seamless Communication Among Users

If you have a startup idea where more than one users need smooth communication (e.g delivery boy and customer) then real-time chat could be the best bet for you.

Live chat

Whether it’s interactive private chat or public chat, we have a proven track record of successfully delivering it. We have worked with Actor, Socket, Pubnub, Layer, and quick box-for starting messages in our projects. We have also experience in creating XAPP-based libraries.


Users would prefer safer chat options than with loopholes in the security system. We practice SSL/TLS (WSS) technologies in our project for rendering end-to-end encryption.

In-app voice and
video calls

Your users won’t have conveniency if they have to exit the application when they have to contact the delivery boy or a driver. So In-app voice & video call lets the user know the important information about an order or a ride. We have authority over building one-to-one or multi-party real-time video and voice calls in your mobile application using SDKs and APIs given by biggies like Twillio and Nexmo.

Stickers and GIFs

Stickers and GIFs add fun to chat. Therefore, we design customized stickers that justify your company’s Branding. To make that real, we utilize SDKs and APIs provided by GIPHY.

Experienced in building functional
blocks for modern digital products

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