Working with
Photo & Video

We all know how every new mobile device in the market comes with a high tech camera that has made every non-professional users pro. They not only allow users to use editing tools for modifying photos but let convert them into video also. We make that experience even better for you by working with all the media components.

Handy Media Tools in Your Users’ Phone

Whether it is Cropping, resizing, applying filters, or converting and modifying sound into an appropriate form, we facilitate your users to have a slew of filtering, editing, and resizing options to get the best experience.


Photo filters

When it comes to photo editing, building filters is the main problem. We at Dashwebalab have worked on multiple media-based mobile applications. So we build a range of filters that woo your users.?


We have authority over Developing special functionality for photo enhancement and image restoration, removing and adding elements, adjusting colors, contrast, sharpness, brightness white balance, etc.


Your users love playing with photo sizes and effects. We will make sure you get the best features that allow them to crop and resize images for a particular app, and add effects like fisheye for a unique experience.

Face recognition

We create biometric AI-based applications that allow it to identify a person’s face by calculating facial textures and shapes from previously-stored video or image.

Face analysis

We integrate an effective 3rd party tools that let your mobile app to recognize the face, age, gender, race, mood, and emotional state of the scanned person or his photo.


Video filters

When building an app, we make sure that your users can record video in real-time and apply the filter at the same time as well as late on pre-recorded videos.

Slow motion

People love to use the slow-motion feature in videos to flaunt their skills and style. We utilize Avfoundation for IOS devices to enable this feature. On the flip side, we also integrate this feature in the android device regardless of their device fragmentation.


We implement this amazing video feature by using media codec for android, and Foundation in iOS. Basically, these are the short videos consisted of two or three frames that make an illusion of the movement.

Сropping and
trimming video

We crop videos to match the aesthetic of a social network’s video content (Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo) for video editing apps with social sharing.

Special video

Your users love to add fun quotient onto their video which can be achieved through extra effects like snow, flames, rain, and various filters in the app. We make that possible through the latest tools.


Audio recording

We help you build a technology that facilitates your audience to capture the music, voice, phone calls on multiple devices and operating systems. Also, it lets your user synchronize and store it onto cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, and sound cloud.

Looping audio
over video

Audio Sync with video requires certain implementation behind it. For that, we practice the FFmpeg library. We also use a third-party library called SpectrumWox for audio effect on Android.

Automatic content
recognition (ACR)

We Employ fingerprinting and matching for the mobile and wearable apps to precisely recognize the video, audio, music played on TV or phone. We render you Shazam like functionality to your app by using pre-made ACr libraries to make second screen experience.

Sound analysis

We at the Dashweblab are mastering the skills of audio analysis, classification, storage, and retrieval. We are working on software that allows a user to record, save and visualize sound as spectrogram and waveforms.

Experienced in building functional
blocks for modern digital products

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