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Today almost all the devices come with physical sensors that detect the precise location of the device calculating latitude and longitude. This is effectively used in dating apps, on-demand apps, social media apps, and other apps to serve its purpose. Do you have any location-based app idea?

Guide Your Customers’ to Their Desired Location

If you have used any car-hailing service, then you might know how you could locate your driver’s car. The whole process has multiple technological implementations involved. Here’s how we execute.

Pinpointing the Existing User Location

Determining the precise location and device orientation is imperative for a location-based app. We utilize google location APIs and apple core location tools to achieve it. It helps the user for a location-based search for goods, services, people, push notification, messages, content, etc.


Map functionality is the key feature in any ridesharing apps, food delivery app, or travel app. We have worked on our past project in which we used Google map API to incorporate maps into mobile or web applications. It can be molded according to your app’s style and functionality.


People using the location-based app needs accurate information on the place, name, address, rating, reviews, and contacts. Google place API is used for this. By using Place APIs we open the door for accessing millions of places and points of interest around the globe for improving your app’s location intelligence.


Navigation is the most vital function of the app and to integrate it into your app we embed important APIs like Google Maps Direction’s API, Tom Tom’s Navkit, MapBox Navigation APIs. It helps to navigate your user with walking, cycling, driving, and more.

Travel time

As a customer, you might have ordered online food from any on-demand food delivery app. And you know how precious time is! We utilize proven Google Distance Matrix API to calculate travel time and distance between two points.

geolocation tracking

On-demand food and taxi apps track the real-time location of another device. To have a real-time location-aware app we amalgamate custom code and third-party tools to build powerful location tracking functionality.

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